Consumer protection

Sadly there are situations in which goods and/or services are purchased from retailers or other suppliers, and the quality or fitness for purpose may be less than ideal.

It is important to recognise that you will have rights against the supplier both under the terms of your purchase contract and also under legislation which sets down certain standards of service which are deemed to be present in all consumer contracts.

For a full explanation of the law and your potential remedies against any retailer or other supplier then please feel free to contact us. Please note that where the value of any particular dispute is below £10,000, it is likely to be regarded as a ‘Small Claims’ dispute and your legal costs will not usually be recoverable. However, it can often make sense to take a limited amount of legal advice at an early stage so that you can be sure of your rights, before proceeding with any small claims court proceedings. If you have an enquiry relating to a small claim or consumer issue, please contact us.