In many areas of residential property, it is vital that you use an advocate to act on your behalf. For example, if you are getting a mortgage, or discharging a current mortgage, your mortgage provider will insist upon an advocate to ensure their interests are protected. We regularly buy and sell properties on behalf of our clients, as well as helping transfer properties as gifts or on the death of an owner. Equally, you may wish to remortgage your property and we can help you do this efficiently and with regard to proper procedures, avoiding complications in the future.

Aside from the obvious need to engage an advocate, moving house is invariably stressful, time consuming and can be costly if an error is made. Using an advocate cuts down on the stress and time involved and provides you with protection against errors in the conveyancing process.

At Gelling Johnson Farrant our priority is to provide the highest quality service with clear communication and commitment to understanding clients’ needs. We are proud of the number of our conveyancing clients who choose to use us again and believe this is testament to our commitment to our clients.